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Superior Integrated Care

Superior Integrated Care massage therapy health clinic in Victoria, BC provides an experienced guide to support you in accessing Victoria’s unique and diverse holistic health services.
Superior Integrated Care celebrates Victoria’s natural environment and recognizes the profound health benefit our surroundings give to the community.
In 9 years as a Certified Massage Therapist I have explored and integrated multiple disciplines into my practice. My work at Superior Integrated Care is influenced by a wide variety of therapies, from Naturopathy and Physiotherapy, Alethea Breath work to Traditional Chinese Medicine and many forms of Acupuncture. All these help to empower you to find your best road to health and balance.
Achieving your health and wellness goals is the focus and intent of the support provided at Superior Integrated Care. We look at the symptoms and the cause, to remove the restrictions that impede the body’s natural corrective capacities.
The body has an incredible ability to heal, and sometimes just needs a helping hand.
I welcome you to start your journey to health with Superior Integrated care.

To find health should be the object of the doctor. Anyone can find disease. – A.T. Still MD, DO Philosophy of Osteopathy
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